Basic Daily services


In home Services




single In Home check-IN


*Price depends on location*

Knallhart's unique single in home check-in provides an opportunity for clients who need someone to check-in, feed, or play with their dog. This service is fully customizable and great for clients wanting to make sure their new puppy or dog can get out to use the bathroom during the day. You can choose how the 30 min check-in filled, whether it be a short walk with a feeding after, or training session with play time. The choice is up to you!



on site academy services




Daycare & Training

*Price varies depending on location and type of training requested*

Knallhart offers a program for clients interested in getting there dog some free time during the day while they are at work or to just get their dog out of the house for the day. 

Our daycare and training program includes a day full of socializing with Knallhart's boarding & training clients as well as a training session in the middle of the day. These training session are based off of the goals you have with your dog, whether that be leash work, public manners, crate training, or reliability of basic commands. 



leashed pack run


* Price depends on location*

Knallhart offers an exercise program aimed at getting your dog tired physically and mentally. During the pack run your dog will not only get the essential exercise through leashed interval training it needs to live a healthy life, but also the socialization and leash training that is vital to creating a balanced dog.

Our goal is to help the dogs achieve ultimate fulfillment physically, mentally and socially. We accomplish this by training with dogs on leash, exercising them and allowing them to socialize during this run.

We vary the location to keep the dogs interested and curious.

This unique program is offered during nice weathered days in the Spring, Summer and Fall. 

Pick-up and drop-off is included.