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Update 1

Hi there!!! 

Let first begin by saying thank you for your patience! The beginning half of this week has been jammed packed with training, drop offs, crazy weather... just about everything that would keep me away from the computer. Thank your for your patience and flexibility because I know you have been anxious to hear about how your boy is doing. 

Let me first begin by saying that Chance has made huge improvement within just the first couple days of brining here at Knallhart. By utilizing two different corrective training collars during his training sessions,  he is now able to walk on the leash (currently without distraction) with a training collar, without pulling! My cameraman should be available tomorrow to record this, if not I will set up a trip-pod for you to see his progress. 

We have also been working on coming when called, sit and wait at the door before entering & exiting, as well as waiting in the kennel with the door opened until he is released. He is a very respectful dog now that he knows that there are rules and boundaries that he must follow. 

Chance has been extremely playful and respectful to the other dogs. He has had no accidents and has not been barking in his crate during quiet rest time during the day or even at night when it is time for bed. He has been eating his food consistently and is really settling in and becoming comfortable

These first two days makes me confident that he will be in a good position by the time it is time for him to go home. 

Plan for photos and video tomorrow!!!