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Elle Daily Plan 2/42


Elle attending the morning pack run and had no issues completely 2 miles on the trails. 


Elle enjoyed having multiple yard time sessions with the other female dogs. She took the opportunity to use the restroom and then play catch and chase with Molly. She was not interested in the toys that were offered. She enjoyed playing with the other female dogs and each socialization session she seems to be getting more and more comfortable being here at the academy. 

Rest time: 

Elle took an afternoon nap in her crate, she also chewed on the bone that we offered her. She was content and did not bark. 


Session 1: I worked with Elle in the indoor training area on the basics of learning what the "clicker" means. She easily understood the concept and furthermore we worked on sit, stay, lay down and come. We then moved outside and worked on leash skills. Using my positive reinforcement method I was easily was able to teach her how to appropriately walk on the leash and stay focused. She did very well and was eager to please during the whole session. 


Session 2: Public work session at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (scheduled for 4:30pm) : The goal for tonight is work on basics with Elle among distractions. Training the easy things first will help build her confidence and reliability in different environments. There will be a heavy focus on helping her learn how to maintain composure when she is excited. Check back tonight for videos and details about the session. 

Elle public work session at the University of Iowa Hospitals went very well. Tonight we really focused on loose leash, focusing, teaching her that she doesn't get to say hello to everyone who walks past us, and sitting politely for petting. I am teaching her composure by making the association that she only gets attention from others when she sits politely, not by jumping and not by excessively licking.

 She did well with sitting initially, but her excitement got the best of her a few times and she had little moments where she wanted to jump. I was able to correct her and remind her sit politely = attention. She caught on quickly. I was also able to begin working on the "no lick" command. My observation is that the licking comes from excitement. This over excitement will decrease as we continue working on these skills. 

I am happy with her progress tonight!  

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