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Elle Day 1/42 & 2/42

Elle's first day at the academy went very well. She was very curious yet confident while she explored her new environment. Her favorite place to sniff was the indoor training area (which smelled like all the academy board & train dogs). She had plenty of socialization time with Molly a 8 mo old Vizsla that just comes during the day for daycare.

She slept calmly and quietly in her crate and ate her dinner with no issues. Aside from the one instance when she first arrive, she has not ill. I have been offering her pedialyte and water these first two days just to ensure she does not get dehydrated.  

This first day we did not do any heavy training. We went through a few test with Elle so that I could create the most efficient lesson plan for her. With the notes that I had from the testing she had done with you combined with how she performed with me here at the academy the lesson plan is the make sure she is reliable with not only you but any handler. The lesson plans are planned by the week and you will be able to access her training reports/ videos each day. 

Below is what was tested and how she performed. 

  1. Accepting a friendly stranger : PASSED--- was not afraid, happy body language, however she did break her "sit" command before being released
  2. Sitting politely for petting: NEEDS WORK-- Elle was extremely excited to be pet, and although her excitement is encouraged, more composure will be needed for her CGC-A test
  3. Appearance & Grooming: PASSED: Allowed helper to touch feet, lightly comb through fur and check her teeth. No resentment
  4. Out for a walk: NEEDS WORK -- Lacked focus, pulled on leash, was not focused during turns. 
  5. Walking through a crowd: Lack focused while walking through a small crowd of  people, pulled on the leash, a lot of sniffing. 
  6. Sit stay & Down stay: NEEDS WORK-- broke both commands on the return
  7. Coming when called: PASSED-- waited patiently and came directly when called in a happy manner. 
  8. Reaction to another dog: NEEDS WORK-- although friendly, Elle was not polite when meeting another dog. She pulled on the leash to say hello and was overly excited. Composure will be taught help her pass this test in the future. 
  9. Reaction to a distraction: PASSED-- Elle was not afraid and did not show resentment to a loud pot being dropped behind her. 
  10. Supervised separation: PASSED-- Elle was content with being left with a stranger for 3 mins, laid down and allowed them to pet her. 

This is not a list of the only skills the Elle will know when she leaves but it is a starting point of where she is at in her training.


Every day you will also be able to access her vital reports which is a check up that is performed 4x per day to check health status of each boarding dog. If there is something specific you would like checked or have a concern about something on the report please contact me. 

Later Event: January 24
Elle Daily Plan 2/42