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Elle Daily Plan 3/42


No morning pack run today because of the rainy weather! 


Elle had an extended amount of socialization time due to fact we could not get outside and exercise. She has really opened up here and her personality is contagious. All the dogs from the German Shepherds to the miniature schnauzer had fun playing with her. She was not overly excited and played respectfully. She loves chasing other dogs and they all wore each other out. 

Rest time: 

Elle had a 1 hour crated rest time this afternoon. When I went to check on her she was asleep. She did not bark! Quiet as mouse and content to have some alone time. 


Since the weather wasn't so hot today we did three indoor training sessions. I continued working with her on what the clicker means. We practiced the consistency and accuracy of her sit, down, come, stay and no lick. Since she is doing so well with her training I have her on the calendar to attend our 3 scheduled public sessions at the Iowa City ARC next week to practice her therapy dog skills with young special needs children, she will also attend the hospital public work session. I am going to also do some training with her at petco since that is one of the hardest places for the dogs to focus. It will teach her no matter where you are at, you have to follow directions and say focused. I will try have my cameraman scheduled the best I can on those days for videos. 



Aside from therapy work and basic training I have been working with Elle on encouraging calm, controlled behavior. We have an academy cat here named "Kitty" who loves dogs. She does not run away so Elle has not be enticed to chase her. I praise her for leaving her alone and being respectful. 


**Tomorrow is bath and grooming day here at the academy. It is included in the cost you were charged for her board and training! Elle will get a bath, blow dry and brush out. I will also make sure her nails are not too long, ears are clean, anus is clear of any poo and eyes are free of debris. Be prepared for photos



Elle has been scooting her butt across the ground since the first day she got here. Is this something you have noticed at home? Would you like me to trim up the hair around her anus and uvula to make sure it is clean and not gathering debris and causing her irritation? 


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