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Elle Update 19/42-24/42


Wanted to update you on Elle's progress! We are now a few days over halfway through her training and Elle is doing wonderfully!

She has currently passed her CGC with flying colors, she will take her CGC-A this week and CGC-U & Public Access Testing are to follow. As of right now there is a good possibility she will need that additional two weeks we discussed, I will have a final decision next week as we are working towards her final two tests for her certification. I would professionally like to send her home knowing that her skills are polished and not rushed. 

Elle's heeling on and off leash has made significant progress. She no longer feels the need to pull, she is not distracted by people or dogs (even barking) as easily. Her left hand turns need some work still, but she is getting better each session. She also knows to sit calmly when stopped. I would really like to see Elle apply her outdoor skills indoors more consistently. We have been working more intensely on achieving the same calm, composed attitude that she has outdoor to indoor training sessions. 

Elle's biggest improvement this past week has been in her "Sit Stay" work. Not only have we been able to increase the distance, but also time and adding another dog. When Elle arrived at Knallhart we couldn't walk even one step away from her before she would get up. She is now able to do a 2 min group stay with no issues! 

I am very proud of her effort. Her confidence is increasing more and more everyday. 

Elle has not been jumping on people, or counters. Elle has not been chasing the academy cat, she has not been barking in the crate or having any accidents. She enjoys her yard time (and getting muddy) with all her classmates and laying on the couch chewing on a bone. 

She has been eating her Victor brand food with no issues! 

We are looking forward to training at the retirement home beginning this Thursday and furthermore on Tuesdays and Thursdays! This is the perfect opportunity for us to polish her indoor public skills for her CGC-U, Public Access Test and her working career in the future.  

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