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Elle Update 8/42-18/42

Hello and greetings from Knallhart Academy! 

These past ten days have been full training, bike rides, and social time for Elle.

Everyday she wakes up happy and excited to begin the day! She has been getting along with all her classmates, playing respectfully, sharing toys and taking turns being the chaser and the one who is begin chased during yard time.

She has been phenomenal in her crate, no barking, no whining, and no accidents. When it is time to kennel up, she know which crate is hers and walking right in and waits for her yummy bone! 

She has been eating her Victor Brand food with joy. Since the food is high in calories she has been eating 1.5-2cups per day. 

Elle's vitals have been good. Her gums have been pink, nice wet nose, her joints are normal, no abdominal swelling, clear eyes. She is due for a bath within the next couple days along with a nail trim. This is included in her boarding stay. 

Aside from all the fun time Elle has with all her friends she has also been hard at work. Attending public training sessions at Petco, Lowes, Theisens, and others. And her most frequent has been the ARC of Iowa City comforting disabled children during their after school program.

We were going to attend the retirement home Knallhart dogs have attended for training in the past but they had another therapy dog coming in on the days we were going to go so we were unable to get scheduled as we wanted. However we are excited to begin working at the retirement home Elle will be working at during her work career, we are excited to begin visiting next week. 

Elle is now fluent on sit, down, wait, stay, coming when called and off (for furniture).

She is also respectful of the academy cat "kitty" and no longer feels the need to chase.

She has not jumped on anyone or anything. She took her Canine Good Citizen Test and passed with flying colors even at a very difficult venue. 


Moving forward, obstacles we are working on are Elle's confidence, coming into a new place calm and in control (not pulling on the leash, not submissive peeing, etc), off leash skills, and expanding the length of time in a stay at a distance. 

Elle is getting close to the halfway point of her training and everyone here at Knallhart, including the assistants are impressed with her improvements. They love how during her free time she just lays down and quietly chews on a bone next to "Kitty". She is never causing issues and always a great listener.

We hope you are as proud as Elle as we are!

She is on track to take her CGC-A at the end of next week! We will keep you informed with how she is doing and how her testing goes!  

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