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The time is finally here, Elle is within her final week here at Knallhart. It has been such an incredible journey training her and seeing her progression week to week. She has come a long way and I am positive you two will be ecstatic with her results. She has been an absolutely amazing student. 

All the hard work and foundational skill have been laid and now it is time for the most important part of her training... her transition period back into home and work life. 

If you begin to let her get away with slacking on her skills and undesired behavior she will begin to revert back to some of her old ways... I do not want to see that happen so I am here to help you! 

To begin please read over PART ONE of the Knallhart Corrective Training Handbook to get down some of the basics about corrective training, why it works and how we do it. Please read it over and contact me with ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS. We will go over the concepts more in depth during our evening training session on March 20th. 

You will need to order the following two tools. These tools are vital to the transition period of her training. They will help you help her retain her skills and prevent undesired behaviors from returning back. They are not permanent of course, but temporary to help during her transition. Please have the e-collar charged and ready to go for the 20th so that I can discuss with you how to use, levels, when to use it and why. In the handbook the e-collar that is listed is the Sport Dog e-collar, for Elle I would recommend a Garmin Brand e-collar (the brand I use here at the academy) because of all her hair and fur. The links to the products I recommend are below.

Elle has all the necessary skills and has made amazing progress but without it being reinforced by the two of you at home, it will begin to become lost. I am here to help you the entire way. 


prong collar

When I bring her home on the 20th, I know it is going to be extremely difficult but please PLEASE try to be as calm with Elle as possible. We need to reinforce a need association that home = calm and controlled. One of her "quirks", its not bad its just her personality, she is easily excitable and begins to rolls around and pee and whatnot... the way we have combated this behavior is to be calm with her and reward her for being calm and maintaining her composure.

During this training session, it can take anywhere from 1-2hrs, we will talk about all of Elle's progress, how to continue training at home, troubleshooting, etc. I know all of this information can be overwhelming, so I will bring notes along with me as well as worksheets and videos on how to continue working with Elle at home and help her retain all the wonderful skills she learned here at the Academy. 

I did not charge you two any of her food costs in hopes that you would be willing to write a review of Knallhart on Google and our Facebook page, your review credit I was going to put towards her food cost. If you would rather not, please just let me know and you can pay her $50 food cost. Elle is currently eating Victor High Protein. About 2cups a day (high protein food = less amount needed to feed). The link for the food is below

I am in the process of editing her CGCU video and she will take her public access test this weekend! We will see you on Monday, please message me with a good time. 

Thanks you two. It has been an absolute pleasure. 

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Corrective Training Handbook Part 1