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Miles and Charlie are still doing GREAT! They, like everyone else, are really enjoying yard time in the snow! Charlie has made some new friends and his behavior has been great! No barking, playing respectfully and coming when called. Miles has been following directions as well. Yesterday I took Charlie out on a walk to work on a few skills, he actually did really well, since it was the evening and he had a full day a playing, I think his energy level had worked in my favor! We had met a stranger during our walk that wanted to pet him, I had his sit and he sat very politely to be petted. 

Both boys have been eating their meals with no issues! Hope your trip is going well! 

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Pick Up Info

Hello! Miles and Charlie's boarding stay is quickly arising and the dogs and I are excited to have them here over spring break! 

I plan to pick them up 10am at your house, load them into my car and bring them back to the academy for a fun filled vacation! 


Here are few things to plan for their stay. 

1. Intake Forms - Please fill out one for each one the boys please 

2. Vaccination Papers - Proof of rabies, distemper and parvo vaccinations (copies are fine)

3. Boarding Items:

- 1 week of food

- A blanket or shirt that smells like family and home (one for each)

- Favorite toys and/or bones

**I am very excited to have Miles & Charlie here at the academy! When you get a moment could be please also message me your address! And if you have any questions or concerns leading up to their pick up please do not hesitate to contact me!!! 

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to Mar 13


Miles and Charlie have been absolutely phenomenal during their boarding stay so far. They have been getting along with all the other dogs, they have been eating their meals, quiet in the crate, not causing any trouble. 

Neither one of them has had any accidents or gotten into anything they were not supposed to. 

Charlie has loved playing with all the toys in the yard and chasing the other dogs around. By the end of each day he has just been so exhausted that he just plops right down for bed with no complaints. 

Charlie did throw-up his dinner yesterday, but he has been acting fine. I checked his temperature and it was good, his gums are pink and his nose is wet, so he will be okay. I put his food in one of our "slow feeder" bowls and he has not thrown up any of his other meals, he eats a tad bit fast.  

Miles has been equally as well behaved as Charlie. He hasn't been playing much but he enjoys trotting around the yard, sniffing and watching the other dogs run around. 

Both of them have been an absolute joy and LOVE the snow! Hope you are having an AMAZING TRIP! 

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