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Miles and Charlie have been absolutely phenomenal during their boarding stay so far. They have been getting along with all the other dogs, they have been eating their meals, quiet in the crate, not causing any trouble. 

Neither one of them has had any accidents or gotten into anything they were not supposed to. 

Charlie has loved playing with all the toys in the yard and chasing the other dogs around. By the end of each day he has just been so exhausted that he just plops right down for bed with no complaints. 

Charlie did throw-up his dinner yesterday, but he has been acting fine. I checked his temperature and it was good, his gums are pink and his nose is wet, so he will be okay. I put his food in one of our "slow feeder" bowls and he has not thrown up any of his other meals, he eats a tad bit fast.  

Miles has been equally as well behaved as Charlie. He hasn't been playing much but he enjoys trotting around the yard, sniffing and watching the other dogs run around. 

Both of them have been an absolute joy and LOVE the snow! Hope you are having an AMAZING TRIP! 

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