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This group dog training class focuses on refining commands, improving responsiveness to verbal cues, increasing responsiveness to cues at a distance, creating a more reliable recall (come when called), stay, impulse control, and leave it, and teaching ‘go to your place’ and settle. This course will help fine tune and improve upon your previous training, as well as allow you an opportunity for troubleshooting behavior issues common to dog parents.

Group classes are great for clients who have completed a boarding and training, or have a dog with at minimum beginner level obedience and would like to continue working week to week on keeping their dogs on track as well as fine tuning and moving them forward to the next level. It’s also a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy time together with like minded dog owners! We do plan on keeping our class sizes low to ensure that each client and their dog are receiving personalized attention. Please register as soon at possible to ensure you have a spot.

There will be 1 introductory seminar the first week of classes and then 5 classes with your dog the following weeks.

June/July Group Class
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June/July Group Class

June/ July Classes will begin the week of June 24th!

This course, focuses on helping your dog develop more refined skills for improved manners, safety, and pleasure. Great attention is paid to improving reliability of responsiveness to requests around distractions, and more advanced self control. This course is designed to help owners make great use of the foundation set during their dogs boarding and training or private lessons.

The course fee is $350 for 1 introductory seminar and 5 consecutive classes (unless otherwise noted on the schedule, due to a holiday) one hour classes.

Classes will take place in public areas in Iowa City, and Coralville. Roster for locations will be sent out two weeks prior to the start of class.

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