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Harley has continued to make progress here at Knallhart Academy. 

Today we added "community feeding" to her program to work on her resource guarding and minor food/water aggression she had. She did phenomenal. She didn't growl and shared food among the pack flawlessly. Her barking is near to nothing and her jumping is the same. She is learning to sit at every door and not rush and run out. 

If you click the black button below you will have access to the Knallhart Corrective handbook. 

Hope all is well!!! Talk to you soon! 

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Hi there!!! 

I just wanted to start by saying that Harley's training is going phenomenal! 

She has not jumped, or barked, she sleeps and relaxes in her kennel quietly, she is coming when called and sitting on command, she is playing respectfully with others, she know how to run alongside and bike and walk on the leash with a training collar! We have accomplished so much in a short time! 

Now that her foundational work is near complete it is time to teach you how to keep these skills instilled and help you learn how to teach her new things and correct new problematic behavior that may arise. 

Here is your homework!

Please read Knallhart's Corrective Training Handbook to help you begin to understand why we train this way, why it works and how you can begin to incorporate it at home after her training. I am going to recommend a different brand of collar for you than the one that is listed in the handbook. After you have read it ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Why does corrective training work versus just positive reinforcement training?
  2. How can I incorporate this type of training into our lives once Harley is back home?
  3. How would I correct a new problematic behavior that arises in the future?
  4. What is most important about corrective training to prevent my dog from becoming stressed or timid?
  5. What is the collar system?

Once you can answer those questions please watch the following videos to continue to expand your knowledge about corrective training methods. 


The temporary tools you will need for Harley's transitioning period are the following 

1. Garmin Bark Collar Deluxe (rechargeable) 


2. Garmin E-Collar 





** Sorry about our website issues! We are back! There shouldn't be any more issues

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