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Boarding & Training

Indigo's first day here at the academy has been nothing short of excellent. We worked on her car manners, building a positive association of jumping in and out of the car. By the end of the session she was happily jumping in on her own. We will continue to reinforce this tomorrow. We began levels 1 & 2 of stairs and she did great. Today's goal was to begin to associate the stairs with good. By the end of the session she was approaching and stepping on her own with no timidness. 

She enjoyed having yard time with the other dogs and is now curled up on pillows falling asleep here in the office at the academy. I offered her some Victor Brand kibble with beef broth and Blue Buffalo wet food (approx 3 cups) and she ate about 2.5 cups worth. She has been using the bathroom outside and is comfortable. We will continue training tomorrow, she is ready for bed. 

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