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Homework One - The Basics

Hi there!!! 

I just wanted to start by saying that Kane's training is going phenomenal! 

He has not jumped, or barked, he sleeps and relaxes in his kennel quietly, he is coming when called and sitting on command, he is playing respectfully with others, his whining has also been minimized. We have accomplished so much in a short time! 

He will take test one this week!

Here is your homework!

Please read Knallhart's Corrective Training Handbook to help you begin to understand why we train this way, why it works and how you can begin to incorporate it at home after his training. 

  1. Why does corrective training work versus just positive reinforcement training?
  2. How can I incorporate this type of training into our lives once Kane is back home?
  3. How would I correct a new problematic behavior that arises in the future?
  4. What is most important about corrective training to prevent my dog from becoming stressed or timid?
  5. What is the collar system?

Once you can answer those questions please watch the following videos to continue to expand your knowledge about corrective training methods. 

I have began using pressure work with Kane as a precursor to prong or e-collar work because he is a little more sensitive. If the growling persists an e-collar will be used to began to teach that growling is inappropriate. In the video below Adam is using the remote e-collar to correct this eight month-old Belgian Malinois from growling at strangers. When she makes the right decision, she gets praised (petted or food). When she makes the wrong decision (growling) Adam tells her, "No!" and then corrects her with the remote e-collar.  

One of the big misconceptions about the remote e-collar is that it causes dogs to be more aggression, or that it somehow teaches the dog to, "stop showing the precursor signs" before biting. This is not true, except in the case of a untrained handler who hasn't first taught the dog a strong foundation with the remote e-collar so that the dog understands that the stim is coming from the handler and not from the trigger (a stranger in this case). The viewer should also note that although the dog is being corrected for growling (which is difficult to hear in this video) you can see that the dog is not in any discomfort. The remote e-collar is simply a way of communicating with the dog.


Below is a video that talks about how if we don't "punish" or "correct" biting or in our case the negative behavior of growling/barking ... it will never go away.