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Updated Paperwork

Here is the updated service agreement. Nothing has really changed, attorney changed the format added few sections and spelled out laws etc. Needed to be done for my insurance purposes. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your flexibility. 

I also will be sending you an updated invoice here soon! Your monthly payments will begin in March, no rush, no worries.

Now that Kovu has completed his initial training phase be on the look out for his ALL ABOUT MY WEEK updates. We will be even more active out in public attending more events, etc. now that he has passed his CGC and has the skills needed to advance further in his training! 

Kovu has completed recovered from his surgery! It went extremely well and he is back up and training. We are currently working towards his second certification and obedience shows. He is literally doing phenomenal. You should be proud. 

My goal is to have all your trip information to you within the next couple weeks with an itinerary, motel information, travel instructions, etc. Excited to see you very soon, and so is Kovu!  

We hope Shawn had the most wonderful birthday! Hugs from Iowa! 

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