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Welcome Back Louie!

Hi there! I am ecstatic to hear that Louie is all healed up and ready to get back at it with training!!! I will come to pick him up tomorrow night around 9pm (you will not be charged for tomorrow since it will be just an overnight) and I have him down for 31 days (not including tomorrow) which would take us April 23rd! 

First let me begin by asking, how have things been since he has been home? What types of behaviors are you noticing that you are the most unhappy about? The only reason I ask this is because every owner has different goals with their dog. Some owners want a dog that will sit, down and never bark while others want a dog that will follow commands but can be vocal as they please. On your intake form you stated that you want him to follow commands better... which commands? Down, Come, Sit, Stay? Which commands would you need to help him cohabitant better within your home with you two and the other dog? My goal is to help you reach your goals. If you could provide me with 3-5 SPECIFIC skills you would like to see Louie improve at during these 31 days here that would be awesome. If you do not care about him being vocal, if will not hound him for that, if you do not care that he is a little ahead on the leash I will not hound him much for that, but if you care about him barking at the person crossing the street and coming when called that is what I will focus my energy on towards him. It is just very important for me to know exactly what you would like to see. 

Next, all I will need tomorrow

A. HIM! Louie haha

B.  Food! I will bring his old bag of food back and if you could send with him a new bag/ partial bag that would be excellent. We can always order more down the road if we need to. 

C. Collars ---  e-collar & charger, prong collar, and flat collar (if you have one)

D. Medications (if needed) -- medicated bath wash, pills etc 

E. Favorite Toys

I also have some information about some vitamins that you two should consider giving Louie to prevent his skin from becoming infected again. I use it for my personal dogs and a large handful of my clients give them to their dogs. It is a vitamin that helps prevent dry skin, helps boost their immune system naturally, helps with bone, eye and organ development. It is has done wonders for my personal dogs.  

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