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Lucy's Boarding Update

Lucy's Boarding Update

Although cold and muddy Elle and Lucy have gotten to spend their time in the warm toy filled training area with "Kitty" the academy cat. They have been quiet, calm and respectful to each other AND "Kitty". Lucky for them they can track all the muddy footprints they want in the training area! They had a fun, warm night. 


Earlier today we did a training session with the e collar and worked on being respectful to the cat. This has proven to be a success for Lucy. Here is a video of her hanging out with "Kitty" this evening in the training area. 

We have also worked on basic manners. I will get a recording tomorrow but I can call Lucy from the yard area and she comes right to the door, sits and waits to be told "okay" before coming in the door. 

We also worked on the leash, no pulling and sit when stopped! 

She has had a fun time here, its quiet, warm and relaxing and she has been very good and comfortable. She ate all her dinner with no problem and now is cuddled up in her crate and sleeping away! 

See you tomorrow :)


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