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Molly Full Daycare

**Full Daycare is going to be between 6-8 hours long each day! I am going to strive for 8 hours, but depending on the schedule it may be 6 or 7. Starting tomorrow there will be a consistent morning pick up time of 7am for Molly.

Pick- up Time:

I arrived to pick up Molly around 10:30am. I arrived she was calm and quiet in her crate. I asked her to sit and wait. Opened the crate door and then told her "okay" to let her come out. She was happy to see me and ran right down to the door. I grabbed her yogurt from the fridge and unplugged the radio. 


Afternoon Update :

Molly spent the first part of her day of daycare running around in the yard with Elle and Izzy. The had fun chasing each other and sniffing around the yard. They really wore each other out. While the boys got time to run around outside the girls came inside. Molly and Izzy found joy in roughhousing on the couch and chasing each other for bones. They are really having a great time together. 


Cost for today's service: $25 <PAID>


Needs Attention:

Please complete the following forms and send with Molly on Wednesday! Thank you. 


You have a $10 credit for the referral of Pricilla Barthel, please message me on Molly's main page and let me know which day you would like to use that!!! Thanks again for your referral! 

If you leave a google review you will receive another $10 credit

If you write a testimonial you will receive another $10 credit 




Later Event: January 25
Molly Full Daycare