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Homework with Bishop

Hi there! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I am feeling better after some much needed rest! 

I hope you are continuing to see progress with Bishop as you have taken this dive into correction training. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

As for this week here is my homework for you. 

A. Continue walking out in the neighborhood with Bishop. Reinforcing that heel command and fast clean sits. Use the prong collar when needed and always , always correct on the backside with food or vocally. Use the e-collar in situations where the prong collar is not working, for example : barking at a passerby, lack of focus during a sit. For these situations I would use just a nick and then reinforce the HEEL command. Please keep me posted with how this is going 

B. Continue to work on the barking at the door. Has he e-collar been reliable for you? He should feel/ cease the undesired action on the FIRST press of the button. If the collar is proving to be unreliable ... amazon has a GREAT return policy we can return that e-collar and have you get Garmin Brand (the brand that I use and it works GREAT) and give that a try. An unreliable collar will hinder the efficiency of our training and will reinforce behavior we don't want. We don't want him to be disciplined always on the third or fourth bark... then we will learn ahhh I can bark 3 or 4 times without being disciplined and we do not want this. 

C. If you can ruff up the courage take him some where new out in public. With the weather being so nice, go out walking on a new trail, go to a new park, eat at an outside diner. You now have the tools  and he has the skills for you guys to try new thing together. You just have to have to courage and confidence to do so. 


For this weekends training session we will be out in public. Weather permitting I would like to work somewhere outside, such as a trail walk or a trip to the park to work on his basic skills! 

We will also discuss and schedule Bishops April services!!! I will also bring your march invoice  :) 

Later Event: March 25
At Home Training Session