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How to structure new encounters with Bishop

1. Ask him to sit, stay 

2. Frequently reward with a good boy, good sit, good heel or good stay (he is doing all of these commands at once so you can reward him vocally with a different one each time), but what is most important is that you are rewarding him and doing so frequently. 

3. After awhile give him the "okay" command to get up, potty, sniff, etc. This does not mean he is allowed to lunge, bark, jump etc. IF any of those things take place immediately correct with e-collar and ask him to heel, sit, stay. 

** His free time should only be about 20-30sec long 

4. If Bishop decides to sniff the person calmly during his "okay" time , vocally reward with a "good calm" Bishop or "good nice". Which ever you prefer. 

5. Try to end the conversation with a handshake with the other person. It is good practice and a good confidence builder for the both of you. Remember to reinforce the command Bishop "Stay". Remember take a deep breath, your increased heart rate or adrenaline could cause him to misread the situation and possibly go into "protection mode". Be confident with him and shake the persons hand before you leave and away you go


***We are also going paperless!!! When you find the time could you please visit our new approved clients page (accessible with the button below) and fill out a new intake form for Bishop! 


**I am also offering $10 off (as my way of saying thank you) for each review that is left on our Knallhart Academy Facebook page and Google page! If you leave one on both that is $20 off of your next bill! 

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If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact me!!! 

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