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Oliver & Jax - Day 1 - Training at the Academy

Oliver and Jax had a great first day at the academy. We spent the day working on leash skills, sit, wait, come and door manners. They were very well behaved and had some phenomenal progress.

Both boys understand the foundational work of both the prong collar and e-collar and moving forward they should continue to associate their undesired behavior with the correction they are getting. 

Oliver handled the corrections the ease all day, which isn't always typical. He was posed and when he was corrected he worked harder. Jax was a little more sensitive to the corrections and was a little more frantic and shook a little (which is typical the first day). Although he was nervous, he still did very well. 

Moving forward you will need to purchase both tools for both dogs. Below are the links on amazon. Please order as soon as possible and once they arrive we will have a training session on how you two can incorporate the corrections into their lives successfully. 



e-collar -

prong collar-


Your next training session is Sunday @ 12pm at your home! 




Later Event: February 17
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