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The boys have had a good day so far! Both of them had a good morning training session. I worked with sit, stay and come with Oliver and sit, down. and come with Jax. They both ate all of their breakfast during this training session and Jax also had his meds. 

Jax has been the life of the party. He loves to be chased!!! He was getting a little too vocal during the yard time so I did give him a nick on his e-collar to remind him to be a little quieter. He responded immediately and kept playing but this time with no barking. 

Oliver has also been doing really well. He was being a little dominant towards one of the other male dogs, and when he got too rough I gave him a nick on his e-collar and he backed off. He has been playing respectfully the remainder of the afternoon. 

Overall, both boys have been great!!! No major issues, no accidents, eating meals, playing nicely, they are doing great! I will fill you back in this evening we hope you are enjoying your vacation! 

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