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"Chelsey Montgomery has been in the dog training profession for nearly four years working with a large variety of breeds of varying ages. She is currently the owner and lead trainer of Knallhart Kennels & Training Academy, which specializes in providing personalized elite dog obedience training. She is committed to helping all owners and their canines reach their goals as efficiently as possible. Her unique program formulated with both positive reinforcement and corrective training and is set up to ensure that the owner understands the dog psychology behind all the training that is taking place. Her goal are for her clients in the program as feel as though they can handle, train and live alongside their canine with ease!

Chelsey has experience in AKC obedience and has trained and titled up to the Companion Dog Excellence title (CDX, AKC’s second highest competition level) and has been invited to compete at the National AKC obedience competition in Orlando Florida.  She also has experience training and titling service dogs and therapy dogs for the mentally disabled and has volunteered in her community helping those with disabilities feel at ease with her trained dogs.  Chelsey has handled numerous behavior modification cases and is willing to take on nearly any case confidently. Her most recent venture has been the working dog Shutzhund sport and trains with the Mid- Iowa Working Dog Club."


My name is Chelsey Montgomery and I am the owner and lead trainer of Knallhart Kennels & Training Academy. 

 I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa alongside my three siblings and two outstanding parents Stacey and Lew Montgomery. I lived a very nice childhood, my parents enrolled me in many different activities to keep my busy mind tame. I played soccer, joined a dance class, painted art. I also found joy in rollerblading, babysitting and taking my neighbors dogs out for walks. Even at a young age I can remember training dogs, I never had one of my own when I was a young girl but my neighbors loved having me spend time with theirs. I remember when my next door neighbors brought home a little brown poodle puppy, named Ziggy. He was so adorable and the first night I spent with him I had so much fun teaching him how to sit and shake hands. I never knew that small love of dogs at the time was going to become something much bigger. 

Both of my parents worked hard raising us three girls, as well as my younger brother who was diagnosed with a rare, terminal, genetic disorder called Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) at a very young age. This progressive disorder has taken away his ability to do many of the things we take for granted everyday, such as walking, talking and even feeding himself. It was difficult for all of us to see Lucas who once was walking around throwing a ball become wheelchair bound and suffer from daily seizures and pain. Lucas is a fighter and  is an inspiration to me everyday. He always manages to smile even when his day has been tough. 

During my high school years I was very active in not only sports, band, student council and volunteering in the community, but also fundraising and raising awareness for my brother's disorder. I remember the feeling of pushing Lucas' wheelchair out in public and seeing people just stare at him. This would make me so upset and I remember asking my parents why people did this and they would say....

"Many people have trouble accepting things they do not understand". 

This statement has been the driving force of my life and my venture in the canine industry.