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Update #2

Good Morning!!! 

Here are the links to the tools that I would like you to purchase for your two dogs. 

I will bring prong collars for both dogs and you can just buy them from me at the end of Roccos training. They are not expensive $15-25. 

For your small dog please order the Garmin Bark Collar DELUXE (make sure it is the deluxe version as it is rechargeable) 

For Rocco Please order him

If you could order those as soon as possible that would be great. As soon as the collars arrive charge them up and let me know so we can schedule a training session at home with your small dog. It would be of most benefit to have her trained BEFORE Rocco comes home. From what I have analyzed about Rocco is that he does amazing around other very balanced dogs and people. He has issues with anxious people/dogs and cannot cope, that is when we bites. 


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Update #1 - Basics

Here is your homework!

Please read Knallhart's Corrective Training Handbook to help you begin to understand the basic of corrective behavior, why it works and how you can begin to incorporate it at home after Rocco comes home from training. After you have read it ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Why does corrective training work versus just positive reinforcement training?
  2. How can I incorporate this type of training into our lives once Harley is back home?
  3. How would I correct a new problematic behavior that arises in the future?
  4. What is most important about corrective training to prevent my dog from becoming stressed or timid?
  5. What is the collar system?

Once you can answer those questions please watch the following video to continue to expand your knowledge about corrective training methods. 

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