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Progress Report (Jan 26th-29th)

Hi there Pricilla! Thank you for being patient with the lack of updates these past three days. We have been so busy training and trying to meet our goals on time! 

Sterling has had a phenomenal week. We have finally reached a point where he has been adequately exercised enough where he is able to be calm and relaxed inside. I have been rewarding him to appropriate behavior in the house and he has caught on quickly these past two weeks. He enjoys chewing on toys and bones, and relaxing with his two best friends Oakley and Kovu.  

This week we have been working VERY hard on Sterlings leash skills (walking on a loose leash), his off leash skills (coming when called), the "drop it" command, the "get it" command and being kenneled alone with no barking. 

He has done a great job this week! He still needs more work on these skills but he has made some significant progress. His eagerness and willingness to please have made a large impact on his training. 

These past two weeks we have definitely accomplished the goal of getting Sterlings basic foundational work completed. Loose leash walking, better attention, no jumping, no barking, calmness, manners etc.

This is the exact foundation that is needed to continue his service dog work journey. Below I have laid out the timeline of Sterlings continued training with me after this week. Since I will have him Mondays-Thursdays, we will still be able to make a lot of significant progress towards his service dog certification goals. 

As you know, training is not an overnight process, but with communication and consistency on both of our ends we can get Sterling certified soon, and in what I believe no later than the end of the year. 

Here is my timeline for Sterling... 

1. CGC Test (will be able to take within the next couple weeks) 

2, CGC A Test

3. Beginner Novice obedience Trial (March) 

4. Companion Dog obedience Trial 

5, CGC U Test

6. Public Access Test

7. Service Dog Certification (by the end of 2017)

**Please let me know if you have any questions about the timeline! I am more than willing to answer any questions about what the requirement are for each test. 


Sterling's favorite part of this week I believe has been the bike rides! He is able to run and get much needed exercise. He is always a lot more focused and calm after his bike rides, the exercise really helps him.


I have not had my cameraman this week but Sterling has done a wonderful job at all our public work sessions. He is consistently focused, happy to work, and behaved.

Our public work session this week will take place at the Cedar Rapids Airport, Thiesens, UIHC Hospitals and Clinics and he will attend his first restaurant training. 

We will also continue to work on his "get it" and "drop it commands", leash skills, alone kennel skills, socialization, exercise, and public manners. 

Sterling has been doing phenomenal, and I know you miss him but please know that he is here working hard and making vital progress. I apologize that I haven't been as accessible as usual,  but with all the clients and many goals to reach I have been hard at work! 

It has been a joy to work with Sterling. I hope that you are satisfied with his progress thus far where he is headed in the future with me.

His vitals these past three days have been phenomenal

Pink gums, clear eyes, his nose scab has fallen off and right now and the skin on top of his nose is pink but I am sure the skin will heal back to brown like his nose, his joints have been healthy, and no swelling in the abdomen, his poop has been good. I will send you information on the vitamins he has been getting, he gets two NuVet vitamins a day and 2 VetriScience probiotics a day. NuVet vitamins have to be ordered with a special code, if you are interested I can get that to you. The probiotics can be bought on Amazon for cheap. 

Lets talk about a day tomorrow that will work for you to have him for some one on one time in the afternoon one of the days this week. This will hinder an afternoon public work session, but I know you miss his so we will make it work! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible as usual. 

His AKC paperwork is processing according to the website, I will call tomorrow to make sure his application gets reviewed. 

Below is his updated service agreement paperwork for you to look at. I will print it off for you to sign the next time we meet. Thank you for your patience. 

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