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Zoey Training Session 1

When I arrived at the house I heard Zoey downstairs barking. Since I know how hard you guys have been working on her crate training I waited for her to be quiet before I even headed downstairs to let her out. 

When I went downstairs and opened the kennel door, she tried to bolt out, so I just closed the kennel door. When she laid down and was calm, I opened the door and released her out. 

I then let her out to potty in the backyard. She was not interested. 

When I began the training session it was 2:13pm. I put on her slip collar and attached the leash to the prong collar.


My main focus for this session was to teach her duration of commands, I did this by utilizing the clicker. In easy terms, it is a way to signal to the dog that "hey you are done with this command, you are free"

1. Loose leash walking - no distractions & with distraction

We first worked on walking on a loose leash around the house. I tried to reward her with her kibble, however she did not seem interested. So instead her reward was petting. Starting off she did need some corrections but after a couple minutes she got it down. The tantrum that she threw the first time did not happen this time around. She was not dramatic about the corrections and responded accordingly. When we stopped I would ask her to sit (something that will become automatic over time). Overall her leash skills are much better. The prong collar has helped make a big improvement. Next Wednesday I am going to take it off to see how she does with just a slip collar. For now, leave it on her to continue to desensitize her from it. 

2. Sit, Down, Stay, Come

We worked on both sit and down with the clicker. I would ask her to sit, tell her good girl, then use the clicker + okay to release her. She responded to the clicker really well. I was able to hold her sit for 20 seconds. She needs work on her down command, it wasn't the duration she struggled with but rather going into the down without needing to be lured. 

We worked on stay and come. I would ask her to stay and walk away. I would find a spot stop and wait and then use the clicker to signify she was done and could come to me for petting. 

After she had the stay down, instead of using the clicker I moved on to just recalling her. I would say "Zoey Come" and when she arrived I asked her to sit in front of me, then I would click to signify that she done and then proceed to pet her for her reward. 

3. Bed 

I started the foundation work for teaching her the "bed" command which is great for the future if you need to answer the door and don't want her at the door. She did excellent. 

Overall Zoey had a great first training session. I do feel like she needs more work on the basics. She is on par with skills expected at her age so no need to worry.

If you have time I would recommend scheduling a session where you guys could be there so I could show you how to walk her on the leash, how to correct undesirable leash behavior as well at teach you about the clicker for sit, down, stay and come. Also to talk about what your guys' goals are with her. 

I got your envelope. Thank you for having that ready to go! 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Later Event: February 15
Zoey's Off Leash Training Session