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Zoey's Off Leash Training Session

Zoey did phenomenal during her last session with me. When I arrived she was excited, wagging her tail, she did not pee like she did the session before. 

Since Zoey now has her on leash heeling down very well I did not waste anytime starting her out on the leash during our walk. She had her e-collar on, I put her slip collar on since I had intentions on using the e-collar, and off we went. 

Zoey only needed a couple corrections from the e-collar before she understood the concept that she needed to stay close to my left leg, not stop and get distracted, and go at my pace. The times she DID stop for a distraction, she was nicked with the e-collar and I commanded "heel". 

It is important as you guys take her out for walks to not let her stop for distractions. The walk continues and only stops when you chose. 

She nailed her "wait" command and recall. She needs work on coming to front when called but as for now it isn't a huge issue. 



Work with her on coming to front at least once a day. Please message me if you need instruction on how to do this. 

If you take her for an off leash walk, use the e-collar and nick her for not being close enough to your left leg, being too far behind, too far ahead, or (IMPORTANT) stopping for a distraction. 

Continue to work on her sit, down, and stay commands 



We need to start the steps to getting Zoey registered through the AKC so that I can begin the process of getting her certified as a service dog beginning at six months of age. 

Since she is a mixed breed she will have to be registered through the Canine Partners program of the AKC. 

Here is the link:

When you have completed this let me know, as I will need to have her AKC number on file so that I can register her for her obedience tests and so that we can get together and talk about what it will take to get her trained and certified. 


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