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Elle Hamerlinck 

Knallhart Advance Therapy dog board & Training, Daycare & Training & Boarding Client

""I proudly recommend Knallhart's services to any dog owner! Chelsey is a phenomenal trainer and business owner who is committed to the success of her clients. After 8 short weeks of intense training and boarding, our pup returned home as a confident, well-trained dog and we couldn't be more happy with her progress or in our investment" " - Kaylan & Paul Hamerlink 



Knallhart board & training client 

"I recently adopted a shelter dog and she had a petrifying fear of stairs which did not work for my 65 lb bloodhound and my 3 story house. Within 2 days of having her Chelsey was able to train her to go up and down stairs like a pro! I will definitely be coming back for any future training needs!" -- Erin Hinrichs


Lucy arey

Knallhart board & training and at home training client 

"We started with Knallhart 4 weeks ago with our 5 month old German shepherd who jumped on people, doors, windows, counters - all while barking ferociously. We had to do something fast. I saw Chelsey working with her 4 month old GSD and was amazed at his behavior. In only 2 weeks, we saw an amazing change in our puppy. And I am happy to say that 4 weeks out, she is not only NOT barking/jumping/being a monster, she is fun to walk with, can be off leash reliably and just a much more pleasurable puppy to live with.

Chelsey has done this with a respectful and loving manner which we have found incredibly easy to work with and continue training at home. We only wish we had started even sooner with her." - Missy Arey 


Chester rath 

Knallhart private training client 

"Chelsey Montgomery truly has a gift when it comes to working with dogs.

She has helped me out immensely with my 1.5 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Chester. He and I first started training with the Academy when he was five months old. In the summer of 2016, with the guidance, advice, and techniques of Knallhart, Chester (11 months at this time) and I acquired two obedience titles through AKC Obedience shows, taking 4 first place finishes out of 6 shows. To put it all into perspective: I was a brand new dog owner who didn't know the first thing about training, let alone advanced obedience training. We met once or twice a week for 1 hour and trained. She took me from a complete dummy with dogs to someone who gets complimented on their dog and my handling ability from people who compete in the K9 sporting world. I can only imagine what he'd be like if I had him board and train for an extended period of time.

Working with her has caused me to become and stay active in the dog world, kick starting my passion for obedience work, K-9 sports, and just dogs in general. Because of all of her help, I'm now known to my friends, co-workers, and family as some kind of dog guru, because many people have never seen a well trained dog. (P.S., I'm not a dog guru)

If you are willing to put forth the effort to learn how to reinforce the training she does, I guarantee you will have a dog everyone is envious of." -- Tyler Rath


PUPdate in the Rath family 

The Rath family just introduced a member to their family, everyone please welcome Barkely the miniature schnauzer


madden chamberlin 

"Chelsey is amazing. She picked up my pup Madden, groomed her, and dropped her back off later that day. Madden received many compliments on how nice she looked, and many said that this was Madden's overall best haircut. Along with the great customer service and quality, Chelsey's service was also affordable." --Brianna Chamberlin


Mike Williams 

"This young lady is going somewhere as a dog trainer. 22 years of breeding German Shepherds and competing with them I've never seen any more of a natural with dogs then Chelsea Montgomery."